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  • A.K.C.A. Guide to Filters and Pre-Filters
  • A.K.C.A. Guide to Koi Health
  • A.K.C.A. Guide to Koi Nutrition II
  • A.K.C.A. Guide to Pond Construction
  • Basic Koi Ponds, Filters & Water
  • Fish Diseases by Nelson Herwig
  • Fishkeeper's Guide to Koi by Barry James
  • Garden Pool Design by Helmut Jantra
  • Garden Pools & Fountains
  • Ideas for Great Garden Decor
  • Interpret Encyclopedia of Koi
  • Koi by George Blasiola
  • Koi by Grant Fujita
  • Koi Colour Varieties - An Essential Guide to Choosing by Nick Fletcher
  • Koi Doctor by Maarten Lammens
  • Koi Health & Diseases by Erik Johnson
  • Koi Kichi by Peter Waddington
  • Low-Maintenance Water Gardens by Helen Nash
  • Koi Colour Varieties -
  • Koi Health and Disease
  • Koi Kichi
  • Nichikigo Fancy Koi by Takehiko Tamaki
  • Nishikigoi Still Waters by Nigel M. W. Caddock
  • Outdoor Water Features by Alan & Gill Bridgewater
  • Pond Water Chemistry by Norm meck
  • Practical Koi Keeping Volume 1
  • Practical Koi Keeping Volume 3
  • Rinko - The Way of koi
  • Super Simple Guide to Koi by Brian Scott
  • The Complete Pond Builder by Helen Nash
  • The Guide to Owning Koi
  • The Healthy Aquarium
  • The Perfect Pond Recipe Book by Peter May
  • The Practical Guide to Building & Maintaining a Koi Pond by Keith Holmes & Tony Pitham
  • The Water Garden by Lance Hattatt
  • Water Gardening In Containers by Helen Nash & C. Greg Speichert


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