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  • A.K.C.A. 18th Annual Pond Tour - 1999
  • A.K.C.A. Presents Koi Classification with Bob Spindola
  • Atlanta Koi Clubs Pond Tour; Georgia On My Mind 2003
  • Gardening Nature's Way - Pond Construction & Natural filtration
  • Health Care For Koi, Step-By-Step by Galen Hansen & Ben Plonski
  • How to Build a Koi Pond
  • Inland Koi Society Annual Pond Tours: 2001 & 2002
  • Koi Health: A Fish Veterinarian Perspective
  • Koi Pond Maintenance Relation to Koi Health
  • Nishikigoi: Traditional Beauty Of Japan
  • Ostentatious Koi Ponds: Member Estates & Surrounding Gardens
  • Segment Presentations From Past IKS Meetings 1 - 5
  • Step-By-Step Koi Pond Construction by Burt Ballou
  • Suburban Water Gardens
  • How to Build a Koi Pond
  • The New Garden Water Garden
  • The New Garden Water Lily Primer


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