Attention Members

Mark your calendars!
The IKS Koi Auction and Used Equipment Sale is
June 1, 2019

Our next IKS Meeting is
June 23, 2019

Important Reminder:
Membership renewal
is due January 1st. If you have not paid yet please
Click here to visit our membership page now.

IKS thanks everyone who participates in our important events!

  New Koi for sale!

In May 2019 Inland Koi received a shipment of beautiful koi from Japan.

View new arrivals: Click here

Details about our 14th IKS Pond and Garden Tour are featured in our club newsletter.

Click here: Download now


Doitsu Shusui
Winner for 2017

Owned by
Ed and Linda Kushner

 Save those soda can pull-tabs

Today, pull-tabs serve a greater purpose in their afterlife as part of ongoing funding of the Ronald McDonald House Charities. We're still with us.

Attention IKS Members and Friends - Important Announcements

IKS General Meeting - May 2019:
No General meeting
for the month of May. The IKS Koi Auction and Used Equipment sale will be on Saturday, June 1, 2019 from 10am - 2pm. Our next meeting will be on Sunday, June 23, 2019 from 2-5:00 p.m. at the home of Aiko Howo in Redlands.
See page 3 of our May newsletter for more info about our auction: Download now.

Comments or concerns?
There will be an IKS Board & Auction Review Meeting on Sunday, June 9th at 5pm at the home of Nick & Peggy Milfeld. Interested members welcome, but please let the hosts know.

Website not updated? Looking for information on upcoming events? The Inland Koi Society usually meets every 4th Sunday of the month except in December. Please refer to page 11 of our monthly newsletter which provides information on meetings throughout the year. Many thanks to everyone that attends our meetings and helps make the gathering a success!

The IKS Board of Directors is still looking for a few new people to step up and join the crew. Please consider volunteering - we need your help!

Other announcements:
Interested in becoming a member? If you would like additional information on how to join our group please visit our membership page.

Please see our newsletter for more information on upcoming local events.


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