IKS was Founded in 1978 by Bob Everett

Inland Koi Society (IKS) is devoted to educating others about our hobby and gladly assist koi enthusiasts through providing them with information about available methods and technologies for building and maintaining safe and healthy ponds and KOI. Our goal is to promote our hobby and share what we have learned through our experiences and research. Pond keeping does require work! However, with help from the club, the work can be kept to a minimum: we meet on a monthly basis to learn from each other’s mistakes and successes, maximizing enjoyment of the Koi experience. History has taught many of us that seeking direction before starting a pond saves time, money, and frustration. It’s our hope that you will join IKS to become better informed before you begin the project.

Services provided by the IKS to their members include:

     • Assistance from a trained and certified Koi Health Advisor
     • Koi Rescue
     • Help with filtration or pond problems 
     • Plant selection
     • Access to a wealth of Koi related educational materials

We visit pond tours, breeder's facilities, KOI shows and attend other clubs meetings to expand our knowledge. We have an extensive library of resource books and videos on all aspects of KOI ponds and water gardens for our members use. Additionally we have people who are readily available to help when questions or problems arise.

Since 1997 we have offered 10 Pond Garden Tours and in 2007 held our first Koi Auction. All our events have been welcomed by the community and have showcased our member’s ponds and gardens. Not all members have ponds. You can join to learn from other member’s mistakes before you make your own pond!

Feel free to browse our website and visit one of our meetings before you make your decision. Meeting locations and membership applications are available on our website and newsletters. We are looking forward to your membership in the IKS. Should you have additional questions please contact us.


The IKS Officers and Board Members



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